03 March 2011

So, Getting Started ...[]

Okay, so first post is out of the way; now here's where I talk about myself a little more.

It's not easy being a ninja in the modern world. Certain biological and societal necessities require that I maintain employment as well as some measure of contact with humans other than, you know...ninja. I survive, however. Ninjas are by very nature adept at adaptation.

So...fighting games. Playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as often as possible, although tonight is a dedicated Tekken 6 night. This year does seem to be good for fighting games, with Mortal Kombat coming out next month (really need to pre-order that already!), Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (in arcades, at least, which means none for me, due to the dearth, if not absolute lack, of arcades and arcades with new fighting games in my area), and several others.

In particular, I'm looking at Skull Girls, which is coming to PSN this summer. The 2D fighting genre has experienced a bit of a renewal lately, but most of the development is still overseas. It's nice to see a stateside company (that isn't Midway) having a go at it. Reminds me a bit of the Arcana Heart series (which is also seeing a US PSN release this year, but that's another story), but it looks original enough in its own right.

So yeah...here's to this year. I will be attempting to post at least something every day, so stay tuned.


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