07 September 2012

Rise of the Zombie-Pires, Part Two...[]

Another scream ripped from the monster's throat, past its torn and bloodied lips, as it pounded furiously against the window glass. Its eyes were lightless, limitless chasms, like portals to some nether realm. It may have been a woman, once, but its form was now twisted into something both more and less than human. Still dressed in funeral clothes, though they had decayed where her body had not, she seemed a mockery of human mortality, both alive and lifeless. With this inhuman fury, she slammed her undead fists against the glass, until it began to shiver and crack.

The girl inside darted from her living room and into the kitchen, having no clear plan but to escape the gaze of the horror outside. She looked out the back door, but only for a moment, before slamming shut the wooden door and locking it against what she saw there. More horrid shapes were rising across the ground, as if from the very earth, and they were crawling toward her house. They had not seen her as yet, but they had blocked her way of escape.

Just as she let herself take another breath, the living room window shattered with a last dying gasp, and a thud from the next room told her the monster had tumbled inside. Struggling to keep her heart from bursting, it was beating so quickly, the girl put a hand over her mouth, hoping her breathing would not be heard.

Yet it was not her breath the monster sought. It clambered over the furniture, not caring that its exposed limbs were now being cut -- there was nothing left in them to bleed -- and turned toward the sound of a heart beating. A living heart meant food. It screamed again, the voice of a thousand souls in torment, as it shambled -- half walking, half stumbling -- toward the source of the sound.

Seeing the monster's lifeless white face rounded the corner and peered into the kitchen, the girl threw herself backward against the counter and grabbed for anything to use as a weapon. When the monster's eyes found hers, her fingers closed around a smooth metal object. As the creature leapt, almost flew, toward her, its fangs extended and its hands like claws ready to grasp and tear, her hand came up, as if on its own, and thrust the object out, as a weapon or a shield.

She felt the creature's body slam into her and prayed it would end swiftly...[]

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