21 September 2011

Drawing Batman...[]

It all started back in May 2011...I drew a simple whiteboard sketch of Batman:

I could've stopped then, had my friend not put up a whiteboard on the fridge. It started innocently enough. Unobtrusive but omnipresent...

Still, it wasn't enough...I had to draw.

for the past while now, I've been drawing Batman on the whiteboard, a new sketch every couple days. Here's one from a few weeks ago:

Yeah, they often involve Batman and mythical/ancient beasts. It happens. So I'll be posting these intermittently. I have a few more already, but I'll post them one a day so that they'll last, and hopefully I won't run out of them.

I'll also try to do regular posts more...regularly.

I'm Batman...


1 comment:

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