23 April 2011


Okay, not really...I have actually seen worse, but only in movie theater lobbies and food courts.

This space, at a local mall, used to be a marginally decent arcade...no fighting games, after they removed an old Tekken 5 machine, but at least dance dance revolution (the real version), time crisis, and skeeball, among the various ticket sources (yes, there was a ticket counter). A while back, it finally folded. The sign above the entrance which was visible during remodeling showed two futuristic laser guns, so my friends and I all assumed it would be a (very small) laser tag arena.

We were wrong. Pictures speak for themselves.

This is the sad state of arcades today. It's a horrid catch-22: to get customers, they need good games (fighters MADE arcades, practically), but they can't afford/are not willing to spring for it if they don't get customers...


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