12 September 2012

Rise of the Zombie-Pires, Part Four...[]

Note: Yeah, I didn't post yesterday...

She looked at the knife he held in his hand, then out towards the shed door. If what this stranger said was true, the monsters were on the other side, possibly coming toward them at this very instant.

In fact, it was the very next instant. Just as she was about to ask how long they had to plan, the report of a body slamming into the door shook the whole building. Then came another, and another. Her rescuer leaped to his feet, dropping the knife instinctively as he picked up his .44 magnum. "There are three of them," he said calmly. "Whatever you do, stay close." He loaded rounds into the pistol hurriedly, his eyes fixed on the door.

Just as he was about to load the last round, the door split from top to bottom, sending splinters flying. A corpse fell through and onto the floor; no, not a corpse, a monster. Another climbed over it into the shed, leaping towards the man holding the gun. It staggered slightly as three rounds landed squarely in its chest, but recovered without losing its footing. The man cursed under his breath, but before he could fire again, the creature was on him. He fell backward, hoping to stay out of the zombie-pire's grasp, and fired again, this time hitting the monster straight between the eyes, leaving a gaping hole where its face once was.

Meanwhile, the other zombie-pire had regained its feet. Its empty, soulless eyes fell squarely on the girl in the corner of the shed. Its fangs extended hungrily as it pounced after an easy meal with supernatural speed. From the depths of its inner chasm, it let out a feral scream.

She had no time to think, so she didn't. In the first moment, she saw the nightmare creature jump at her, and in the next, it was writhing on the ground, flames bursting like blood from a wound in its chest. What had done that? She realized she was now standing, and looked down at her hand. It held the silver knife her rescuer had dropped, which was now dripping with a gooey, black substance -- was that blood? -- which was slowly burning away, leaving the knife once again clean.

A shot brought her back to the moment. Her rescuer was on the ground, and the zombie-pire attacking him now had a hole for a face. The creature staggered back a few steps and reached up to feel for what was now not there. But it was still alive, and it was still hungry. It rushed at him again, not stopping to think how it would now devour its prey, and knocked the gun out of his hands as it pinned him to the ground. Its black blood was oozing slowly from the hole, and she could see that facial features were slowly re-forming as the blood flowed. Its powerful arms kept him unable to move, and in a few moments it would be able to enjoy a well-earned meal. The exultant zombie-pire did not notice the girl as she came up behind him, not until the knife had plunged into his back, turning his blood to flame.

With the zombie-pire distracted by its own death, the man was able to break free and get to his feet. He looked down at his hands, checking that he was still alive and whole, then over at the girl, who stood over the fallen undead with weapon bared. "Good work," he managed to say, finally. She seemed even more shocked than he was, however, and remained silent.

Then, he remembered. "There were three of them," he said. "Where is the other?"


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