22 March 2011

Font geekery...[]

Almost forgot to blog today...

Little known fact: ninjas like awesome fonts. Also, fonts that ninjas like are awesome. Obscure fact (you've probably never heard of it), but true.

I'm actually one of the few people I know who regularly buys fonts for his own personal use (ninjas never pirate!). I've had to exercise restraint on a number of occasions (such as when the latest MyFonts or FontShop newsletters hit my inbox, but there've been times I've spent quite a bit on a new font. I especially like fonts that I can see myself using and using frequently, whether for my own personal projects or for the occasional intra-office memo.

I caught the font bug several years back. The Language Construction Kit, besides launching me into a conlanging hobby, gave me the bright idea to find a font designer demo and make fonts for my constructed languages. Very primitive, but all the same they gave me new respect for font designers.

I guess you could say I'm really into letterforms; I'll often spend hours thinking up and practicing cursive styles or sketching out an alphabet based on a vague notion. Just feels good.

Then again, I'm also the only person I know who owns an official Museo t-shirt...


Yeah...enough geekery for now; look for a new post tomorrow, likely about fighting games.


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